“The Maze of the Monster” by Chuck

Chuck lay there motionless on the ground. He heard a large moan close by and a faint buzzing sound. He stirred, but only a little bit. Then, with a sudden jolt of energy, and his head pounding, he sat straight up screaming.

He slowly came to his senses. His head felt like someone had hit it with a two by four. He could barely remember anything. He slowly tried to remember. He remembered his name was Chuck of Derik. He was born May 17, 1997. He lives in Notgnirrab, Erihspmah Wen. He tried to stand but his head hurt too much. He sits in the same spot for a while.

Then he heard another groan. This time it was louder. He was very scared now. He tried to crawl into a corner, but he couldn’t find it. There were dimly lit lanterns in the hall but he can’t see very well. He looked up, realizing that there was no ceiling and he could see the stars.

Chuck saw a bench nearby. He tilted it on its end and climbed up the bench. The wall was so high that even stretching up he could barely reach the top. Using all of his strength, he pulled himself. When he finally got up to the top, all that he saw was thousands of corridors and sealed doorways.

Still hanging on the wall, he heard another groan. Looking in the direction of the sounds, he couldn’t believe his eyes: Before him was the Nasty Extra Crabby Agitated Porcupine (NECAP).

He quickly thought back to earlier in the day. He remembered hearing Friendly Little Intense Porcupine (FLIP) tell him that NECAP likes to box. The NECAP was three corridors away, staring at him and growling. He also still heard that annoying but very faint buzz. “What is that sound? It is driving me nuts,” thought Chuck.

He noticed a platform and pulled himself up. He looked around, looking for anything that may help him defeat the NECAP. He jumped off the platform into a new corridor.

When he landed, he landed on something soft that made him roll and fall. He looked at what he landed on. He thought they looked like boxing gloves. They were gold in color. Chuck thought, “These must be the gloves of a champion.”

He tried to get his left hand into the glove, but something was blocking his ring finger. He took his hand out and shook the glove. Out fell a finger bone. Looking around the corridor, he then noticed all of the skeletons laying there. He thought to himself, “So many people have tried to defeat the NECAP, but all have failed. I need to come up with a plan to defeat the NECAP.”

Chuck started running down the corridor. He heard a funny sound coming from his right boot. He sat, took off his boot, and pulled out a piece of paper.

Straining to read the paper, he made out a story about a hockey team and how they didn’t have much time to get prepared. The normal starters weren’t ready so the bench players got to play. He thought back to earlier in the day and remembered that this was his NECAP practice test. He read his answer to the question and saw that the teacher gave him a 1, in red ink.

He heard the NECAP getting closer and closer. He could feel the pounding of his headache. He still heard that stupid buzzing sound. The NECAP came around the corner, its red eyes glaring at Chuck. His quills stood straight up, ready for a strike.

The NECAP started charging at Chuck. Chuck, even though he was panicking, remembered something else FLIP told him. The NECAP loves 1’s and drops down laughing to the ground almost crying. Chuck looked at his 1 on the paper. He didn’t think this was enough to stop the NECAP.

Really panicking now, he turned the other way and started to run. He tripped over a skeleton. The finger bone that had fallen out of the boxing gloves stabbed him right in the palm. Chuck looked at the paper and realized, “I can defeat the NECAP now.” He took the finger bone and dipped it into his blood. On his NECAP practice exam he changed his 1 to a 4, now written in blood.

Bravely turning around to face the NECAP, Chuck put on the boxing gloves. He held up his newly changed grade and yelled to the NECAP, “Choke on this 4, NECAP.” The NECAP fell to the ground crying, just like you would from an upper cut to the chin and a jab to the stomach. The NECAP stopped moving. He was paralyzed.

Chuck ran away down to the end of the corridor. He found 3 sets of doors. There was a sign above the doors. The sign read, “If you answer this question right, you will leave this horrid place. If you get it wrong, prepare to face more NECAPs.” The question was, “Which one of the signs above the doorway is a word that will help you defeat the NECAP?” Above the left door was the sign, “Contract.” Above the middle door was a sign reading, “Explain.” Above the right door was a sign: “Compromise.” There was yet another sign that reads, “Choose wisely. The other NECAPs are even tougher than the first. They get tougher and tougher the more you get wrong.” Chuck thought back to earlier in the day when FLIP talked about the powerful words that would help you on the test. Let’s see, first there was trace, then analyze, infer, evaluate, formulate, describe, support, explain, summarize… “Hey! Wait a minute–the answer is explain,” shouted Chuck. He walked though the middle door and blacked out.

Chuck woke up all disoriented. He lifted his head out of the puddle of drool that was soaking his paper. The alarm on his watch is buzzing. The next words he heard were, “Ok, students you may begin Session 2 of the reading NECAP test.”


“Liam’s Tale” by Chuck

Once upon a time, there lived a very handsome prince named Liam.  Liam really wanted to marry the wonderful Princess Emily from the land of Western Kingdom.  Liam lived in Southern Kingdom. Once they did get married, their land would become the Southwest Kingdom.  There was only one problem, that problem was that her father, the King, is forcing Emily to marry a minister named Sam.

He didn’t know that Sam was secretly evil.  Sam wanted to marry the princess so he could have power over the people.  He would force them to do what ever he wanted them to do at any time.  In front of the king, Sam would act like a true gentleman, all proper and kind hearted.  The princess didn’t want to marry him and she tried to tell her father, but he wouldn’t listen to her.  So now she is just quiet about it.  She has always wanted to marry Liam, from the first time they saw each other.

Liam knew he really couldn’t do much to stop the wedding, so he consulted his advisors.  They thought about it for a couple of days and when they came to a decision they let the prince know.  The decision was to bargain with an elf.  The prince didn’t think that would work and what good would an elf do anyway?  They told him that the elf, who could freeze time, really wanted to become a knight.

They said the elf would probably work out a deal with the prince.

Liam was very optimistic about it, but he thought that anything that might get him and Emily together was definitely worth a shot.  The counsel told Liam that he could find the elf, named Dante, in the woods near the northern border.

Liam knew it would be a long journey to the border, so he brought some other people with him to carry the load and protect him against any harmful things they may encounter.  He would ride on his trusty stead, Leo.  Along with Leo, he brought a very small horse called Wells for Dante to ride back.

When the group got started, it was easy for the first and second days. On the third day, very close to the border, they encountered the infamous Gold Dragon. All the Gold Dragon wanted was their gold. The prince did not want to kill the beast, so they decided to trap it and use it against their enemies.  They lured the Dragon down with a fat piece of gold.  When it got low enough they threw heavy ropes over it and pulled it down.  They tied it down for an hour, until it calmed down.  Meanwhile, some other men started to build a cage out of wood and rope. Liam ordered some men to go back to the castle and put the dragon in the dungeon until Thayer, the dragon tamer, is ready to begin taming the beast.

The rest of the group continued on until the forest. When they got there, they thought back to the counsel’s instructions. They said that they would find Dante one hundred paces and a sharp left.  That tree would belong to Dante.  He had someone count one hundred paces in and take a sharp left.  Sure enough, they found a big tree with a sign saying Dante.

They knocked on the trunk and there was no answer.  Then came a little rumble and Dante appeared.  Liam bowed his head and told Dante why they had come to see him. He said that he wanted Dante’s help to marry Emily.  The elf wondered what he would get in return.  The prince told him that he would become a knight in his army.  That wasn’t enough for Dante, he wanted to be head knight, and that is what Liam made him.  His assistant is a very well trained knight named Nathan.

Dante packed his things and the group set off to the Western Kingdom.  Once they arrived there, the prince changed into his wedding clothes and got his invitation.  He told the elf to freeze everyone but him, his group and the princess.  He did just that and everyone froze like nothing.  Liam ran into the castle and found the princess in her wedding gown.  He explained everything to her.  He told her about the elf and his plan for them to run away together.  She seemed genuinely excited about it, but she didn’t know what her father might do.

Liam brought Emily back to Dante and they told Dante to unfreeze Emily’s father.  They found him wandering the corridor in bewilderment.  When he saw Liam and Emily holding hands, he went totally berserk.  Liam told him the love he had for Emily and Emily did the same.  Then Emily told him how she has always wanted to tell him that she didn’t want to marry Sam.  The king said that he only wants what is best for his daughter.  Emily explained that marrying Liam is what is best for her and that Liam will treat her properly.

They went back to the elf and told him that he could unfreeze everyone.  He did as instructed and everyone started moving again.  The couple went to find Sam to tell him “the good news.”  Sam was so mad that he swore that he would get revenge on them both and for that, the king told his guards to take Sam to the dungeon for the rest of his days.  Then Liam pulled out his mother’s wedding ring and proposed to Emily.  She accepted before he could finish.

They were married in the next hour and their kingdom size doubled as well.  The new kingdom was known as the Southwest Kingdom.  That kingdom became the richest kingdom of all because of their great army led by Dante and the Gold Dragon.  They won every battle they ever were in.  King Liam and Queen Emily lived happily ever after with their son Prince Tristian.

“A Passion For Music” by Izzibel

Every child has a dream of becoming a firefighter, a police officer, a teacher, or a doctor when they grow up, but not me! Since I was about 6, I have never had any other dream than to grow up and become a famous singer and musician!

Music has been a very, very important part of me since I was a child, and nothing has changed in seven years. You see, I grew up around people who played music ALL the time and who thought it was the most important thing in the world. I picked up on that very fast!. Soon after, I realized just how important music was to so many people, I wanted to be a person to share music with other people. For all those people in the world who haven’t ever cherished music or who have listened to it but not fell in love with any songs, I wanted to be the one to share new fun music with them that would help them get their mind off something, make them feel better if they’re sick, or even calm them after a stressful day. I wanted to make a difference in the world just like some of my old idols: Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift! I loved music SO much, that I used to drag my friends into doing concerts with me for our parents, concerts for kids at the park, or just rehearsals for the “World Tour” we used plan 10 years ahead.

My friends eventually grew out of these stages and went off to do sports and dance and other extra curricular activities. They tried to convince me to do some with them, I did commit to some of the options but only softball and volleyball. I never let go of my dream, though. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to sing! I wanted to sing for people! Not just to myself, not to my friends and my family, but to an actual audience. I wanted to try out for American Idol or some other big audition like that but you have to be at least 15 for most auditions.

When I entered Barrington Middle School, I realized that there was a chorus. I was SO excited I joined the first chance I got! I enjoyed the first couple of days a lot. I even convinced one of my friends Kaylie to do it with me. She began to love music a lot again.

We were both very excited when the chorus director announced that there was going to be a show choir. We immediately decided we would try out. Before the auditions, we made a promise we wouldn’t get mad at each other if one of us made Show Choir and the other didn’t.  We hugged and we wished each other good luck and waited for the director to call our names.

Kaylie went first. After she was done singing, there was applause. It was my turn next. I had the jitters all throughout me, but that didn’t stop me! I got up there, sang “Twinkle, Twinkle,” and sat down. There was applause and Kaylie told me I did great.

We waited a few days for the list to be posted. When it was stated on the morning announcements that the list had been posted, we ran up to the list and it had lots of names on it, but my name was not on the list! I was very upset that I didn’t make show choir, and so was Kaylie, since she did make it either.

But that didn’t stop me. I wasn’t just going to give up. I went back second trimester and actually made it!

That was the trimester that I discovered even more about music.  I noticed that I COULD NOT, no matter how hard I tried, live without it. It was as if I were addicted to it. That trimester, I joined the band, too, with my flute. I joined with Andrea and we both caught on very fast.

I did very well with that until my sectionals started in sixth grade. In sixth grade, I was still in band, but my grades started to drop rapidly; I kept getting pulled out of class for sectionals. When my grades were about straight B’s I decided that it was best if I quit band, chorus, and show choir and tried to forget.

I tried hard to forget and move on with my life, but something was always pulling me back. It was like a magnetic pull. I decided to look into taking private voice lessons and flute lessons. I eventually found a place that summer in Gonic, New Hampshire, called Studio 109. That place, to me at the time, was a dream! I could go and learn how to play flute and sing for and hour once a week. I was so excited when my parents let me sign up for lessons! I was finally getting started on my dream.

The lessons I have taken have improved my flute playing and singing skills rapidly. I am able to sing higher notes now that I can breathe properly and have learned how to support my lungs better.

I have also taught myself how to use my ears carefully while listening to music. I taught myself how to break apart different pieces of music so I can hear different instruments, even when they are all playing at once.

I have been in those lessons for about six or seven months, and we are coming to the end of the year with our concert on Sunday.  I am very excited to be singing a solo, “Who Says,” playing a duet, “Loch Lomond,” and playing a trio, “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” I’m a little bit nervous about them, but I know if I go out there and try my hardest, I can do it.

In my heart I know that I was born to sing and play music. If I fall a million times I will pick myself up and try again. I’m taking a path right now. It may be very small at the moment, but I hope it will eventually turn into the path of FAME!

“​Free Time Activities” by Pringle and Wally

Do you want to sit on your backside all day and play video games or watch TV? It’s really easy to do that.

We understand that it is very hard to kill time, but lots of free time could come through change of life, retirement, career changes, or your kids leaving home.

There is a lot of free time in your life and what you do with it is your choice, but how about something active? You feel better about yourself when you go out and do things instead of
sitting inside your home.

Have you heard of the “get out and play” challenge? It is a challenge when you try to be outside as many hours as you can in one week. Her are some things you can do outside and in your free time:

1) Tag football
2) Basketball
3) Swimming
4) Running or Biking
5) Wiffle ball or Baseball
6) Horseshoes or Cornhole

There, we just gave you six ideas, but there are plenty more you can think of and do outside. Plus, if you have a bunch of friends, maybe they could go over your house and you guys can do a team sport or something.

Staying inside, watching TV and playing video games too much can lead to your becoming overweight. Face it: Do you want to be different in weight than other people? You could be made fun of.

What we are trying to say is we want you to get outside and not be lazy or overweight, because no one wants to be any of those things.

“In Defense of Homework” by Levi

You know how a lot of people are always complaining about doing homework? Well, I don’t really understand why they are all complaining.  It’s not like the teachers all over the USA or even the world are going to make a bunch of work for us to do and grade for no reason.

They are all trying to help us with learning important skills that are going to help us throughout all of our lives, and one way that they do that is by assigning homework for us to do after school. It helps a lot of students work on skills that they do not fully understand.  Not only that, but it also helps students that fully understand what they are doing to get better at that skill, so they can perform it faster than most.

A recent study by the University of Minnesota showed that students from ages 11-13 have been benefiting from doing their homework. It also showed that older students have not had as much of a benefit from doing their homework. Doing homework also has an impact on helping with study skills, and helping to make the student or students feel more responsible. There is not as much evidence or as many statistics that show it has a benefit for students younger than eleven or older than thirteen. The students that do not do their homework come up with lame excuses such as: “I didn’t have time”, or “I needed to get out of the house to see my friends.”

Another study showed that 46% of students don’t do their homework, and 54% of students actually do their homework on their own. More than half of those students between 7th and 12th grade are doing better and achieving higher scores than the other 46% of students who are not doing their homework at all.

Wouldn’t you all like to add to the percentage of people that actually do their homework, rather than add to the already high percentage of students that do not do their homework? I hope I have helped those of you that do not do your homework on a regular basis to start doing it when it is assigned, because it will help you out a lot later in school, and later on in life.

“June 9th” by Louis

He had blue eyes, and black, medium length, pin straight hair. He was taller than average, but had small feet. People knew him as a shy guy that never talked in class. Apart from when he was called on. But I knew him differently. To me it was this awesome guy who made me laugh. He was always in a positive mood. Never negative. His name was Tom Manny. And I was his best friend.

June 9th, at 2:50 pm. That is the exact time I found him. Hanging from a rope in his room. Blood trickling down his neck as if the rope had had small razorblades weaved into it, and cut into him like a piranha. He hung there, blood drained from his once lively body, his face bleached. I stood there mascara running down my face, palms sweaty. I looked at my friend and my stomach lurched. Dead. People say “its okay” or “it’ll get better.” But to me, it really doesn’t. I remember how we would hang out after school and just talk.talk about everything. School, parents, life. Mostly school. We both hated school with a passion. We where the outlaws. It’s like it was only yesterday.


We were walking to class, and a senior had bumped his shoulder into Toms. This kid was tall, a jock. He had short blonde hair, big feet, and always looked as if he had taken a big bite out of a lemon.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going, Emo!” he grunted, earning laughs from nearby students.

“You’re the one that bumped into me…” Tom stated quietly, but loud enough for the bully to hear.

“What did you just say?” the boy asked.

Tom waited. Probably thinking about what he had just gotten himself into. “You’re the one that bumped into me,” he repeated, looking up.

“You’re gonna’ wish you hadn’t said that!” the kid threatened as he pushed Tom, sending him to the floor, landing on his butt.

“C’mon guys, don’t,” I said from a safe distance, worried as to what this was going to turn into. People around us started chanting “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” like you see in the movies.

Next thing I knew, they were having a fistfight. A punch to Tom’s jaw, a jab to the jock’s stomach. Tom was on the ground, the other over him, kicking him in the ribs. “This will teach ya’ not to mess with people more important than you!” the persecutor said with a smirk, before he took a right-handed punch into my friend’s eye.

It was over. The boy that was once beating my friend up now walked away with HIS friends as if nothing had happened. I rushed over to the tall boy, now sitting, hunched over on the cold tile of the high school. I lifted his face, trying to see what the damage was this time. He had a black eye, and a nosebleed. He gripped his skinny stomach as I lifted his black ‘Asking Alexandria’ shirt, to find massive bruises.

“Tom, come on, we need to get you to the nurse’s office,” is what I had said to him before I helped him up.

The nurse said that it was all bruises and a nosebleed. No broken bones. She told Tom to stay home for a while.

The last bell rang as we walked outside. Students came plowing through, trying to get to their busses. I turned to Tom. “Ill see you tomorrow after school. Okay?” He hesitated, and slowly nodded.

I walked onto my bus, put my headphones in, and sighed. For I had survived another day of high school.

I arrived at my house and my phone vibrated in my pocket. I was surprised because nobody texts me besides my Mom, and Tom. My Mom was home with me, and I had just talked to Tom. I checked my phone and read the text from “TOMMM:].” It read, “thanks for being there for me, and being my only real friend. Ill always love you for that.” I smiled. “But I can’t take it anymore… Goodbye. ~Tom”

My heart sank. Goodbye?!? I prayed to God that it wasn’t what I thought it was. I read it again, and again, and again.

That’s when my heart went from nothing to overdrive. I ran out of my house and bolted to his. Heart pounding, legs killing. I wiped the tears from my eyes, clearing my vision. I found the boy’s house, stepped up the front steps, and stopped at the door. I grasped the cold, silver doorknob, took a deep breath, and turned it.

The house was quiet. That’s what scared me. I slowly walked up the stairs, bracing myself for anything. The boards creaked underneath my blue Vans slip-ons.

I turned to Tom’s room (from what I remembered from the few times I had been in his home). I saw something that I would never think, or wish to see in my life. At that moment I realized that sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can do much worse.

“Jelly Belly Story” by Summer

Sarah loves candy, especially Jelly Bellys.  She loves them so much that every year she goes to the Jelly Belly Factory in California.  It is only a couple of hours from where she lives in San Francisco.  Her mom used to take her for her birthday every year, but ever since she turned 16 and was able to drive she uses her birthday money to by Jelly Bellys. When she goes to the factory she buys lots and lots of Jelly Bellys.  She even bought ten pounds once, but that was only when she turned 16 and had lots of birthday money.  She gets up early in the morning so she can get to the factory right as it opens so she can get first pick.

At the factory there is a wall filled with every flavor.  They are in plastic containers and you can fill a bag with your favorites.  The wall is very long, about 50 feet long.  There are also about 10 shelves with all ready packaged bags.  Each year there are one or two new flavors.  These are the first Jelly Bellys Sarah tries.  In 2011 when Sarah was 18 there were five new flavors, the most Sarah had ever seen.  They were all mixed in a big two-pound bag.  Sarah went over to the counter and asked why they had so many new flavors and why they were in a bag and not in a plastic container on the wall like they usually were.  The woman at the counter said they just released the flavors that morning, and they had only made that one bag because they did not know if the flavors were good.  Sarah immediately went over to the shelf where the bag was and grabbed it.

After getting a two-pound bag of “belly flops”, messed up Jelly Bellys, and another two-pound bag of mixed Jelly Bellys, Sarah went to the cashier to pay.

The person who was at the cash register was different this time.  She rung up the 3 bags of Jelly Bellys and when the new bag was the only bag left she said in a weird tone,  “Well, have fun with these.  They are magical.  I would be careful about when you eat these.  You never know what will happen.”

Sarah did not know how to respond to this so she said, “Thank you for the warning.  I will be careful.”

When Sarah was back at home she opened the bag that held the three bags of Jelly Bellys that she had bought that day.  She took out the three bags and placed them on the counter.  She then took the three bags of Jelly Bellys up to her room, she placed them on her desk, and opened up the bag of “magical” Jelly Bellys and took out one of each of the five different flavors.  The five flavors were five different colors.  They were pink, orange, blue, green, and black.  She did not like licorice (which is usually black) at all so Sarah planned to try that one last.  Her favorite flavor was bubble gum, which is usually pink, so she took the pink one out of her hand and popped it in her mouth.  It tasted odd.  She thought it was going to be a bubble gum flavor but it was not.  It tasted like bacon.  Sarah was not very fond of this flavor, she does not like bacon, so she went to pop an orange one in her mouth but she started to feel dizzy.  Her vision blurred and she started to hear pigs squeal.  She did not know what was happening.

Seconds later Sarah was falling towards a jungle, full of poisonous flowers, plants and animals, at full speed.  She closed her eyes and prayed that she would live through the fall.  Suddenly out of nowhere an object broke her fall.  The object was soft and pink.  It could not be a bird because the texture was off.  It felt like very old, very used sandpaper.  She did not know what it was.  Sarah opened her eyes she gasped.  She was surprised to see that the “creature” was a flying pig with angel white wings.  “A flying pig!” Sarah exclaimed.

When Sarah and the pig landed safely on the ground Sarah took the blue Jelly Belly out of her hand and placed it in her mouth.  She knew that the Jelly Bellys got her here and that they could get her home.  This one tasted like seafood but she stayed where she was.  Nothing happened.  “Maybe I am stuck here forever,” she thought to herself.

Sarah looked into the pig’s eyes.  They were a dark chocolaty brown just like hers.

“Do you want to be my friend?” Sarah asked the pig.

The pig answered Sarah with a look that no one could explain.  The pig wanted to be Sarah’s friend.

Sarah knew how she got to the jungle but she did not know what she had to do to get back home.  She placed the three Jelly Bellys that were in her hand in her pocket because she thought they were useless.  She started walking towards the sound of water because she knew that she would be able to see more.

On the way to the water she passed breath-taking sights.  Tall trees with moss covered vines, animals like deer and bunnies roaming everywhere, and lots more flying pigs.  The forest looked a lot like a rain forest in South America and the Redwood forest put together, but there are no flying pigs on Earth.  Everywhere Sarah went the flying pig followed.  The pig flew just above her left shoulder.  It was like a “real shadow”.

As Sarah was walking towards the water, just when she could see the water she thought of the perfect name for the pig.  She thought she was stuck here forever so she wanted the pig to have a name.  She asked, “Hey little pig!  Do you want to stay with me because if you do, you need a name?”

The pig squealed.  Sarah took this as a yes.  “Ok!” She said, “I was thinking Shadow because you are my “real shadow”, the one that I can talk to.  You will have to keep me company while I figure out how to get myself home.  Do you know how I can get home?”

When Sarah mentioned home, the pig got all jumpy.  Sarah did not know if it was because the pig knew how she could get home or if it was because Shadow did not want her to go home.  No matter what the answer was, Shadow started pushing Sarah towards the water.

“What do you want?  Slow down!” Sarah screamed.  Shadow kept pushing her forward.  At some points Sarah almost fell over but she caught herself each time.  Shadow kept pushing her even closer to the water.  Sarah did not need to be pushed because she was thirsty.  When a waterfall and a lake came into view Sarah started running.  Shadow quickly flew in front of Sarah and stopped her, dead in her tracks.  “What?” Sarah screamed.

This time Sarah was answered by a deep mysterious voice. “You can not drink the water if you want to get out of here.  This is a magical rainforest.  If you eat or drink anything you find in this place, you are stuck here forever.  I made that mistake once.”

Sarah looked around frantically for the person from which this voice was coming.  There was no one in sight.  But then the bush rustled and a tall, thin, dirty man with a very long beard and dark, black, knife-cut hair appeared.  Sarah began to back up and was ready to run away.

At that moment, the man snapped at Sarah, “Stop!  Don’t move!”

Sarah froze.

“You can eat another Jelly Belly and get out of he-“

Sarah interrupted him, “No, you can’t.  I tried already,”

“Yes, you can.  All you need is to be holding a special rock.  You will find the rock behind a waterfall in a small cave just big enough to crawl in.  Earth is the only place that you do not need a rock because it would be too hard to find.  The Jelly Belly will place you with in one mile of the rock but just far enough away that you will have an adventure trying to get to the rock,”

“How will I find the waterfall?”

“There will always be an animal ready to help you.  I hope you find your way home.  Here is the rock, I have had it ever since I got stuck here, just in case I ever found the Jelly Bellys I lost and the food is all out of my system.  I will find it again later.  Bye!”

The man handed Sarah the rock, it was bright blue with lime green stripes and the size of her palm.  She said goodbye to Shadow, took the orange Jelly Belly out of her pocket, and placed it in her mouth.  It started to dissolve.  The Jelly Belly tasted like dirt.  The rock was pulled out of her hand and suddenly she was standing on something that looked like Mars.

“This looks like Mars,” Sarah said to herself.  She looked up into the sky and there, in space was a tiny blue, green, and white planet.  “Goodness!” Sarah exclaimed, “I really am on Mars!”

In science class they had studied about how the planets had formed and Sarah knew that because of the size of Mars it lost its magnetic field and the sun dried up the planet.  “How am I going to find a waterfall on a planet with no water?”

Just then a noise from behind a big rock caught Sarah’s attention.  A little green creature peeked around the rock.  The little creature looked scared.  Sarah said, “Hi there little guy,” in her softest voice, “Do you know where I can find a waterfall?”

When Sarah said “waterfall”, the little creature ran over to Sarah and sat down at her feet.  He was about one foot tall and looked like a green furless monkey.  Sarah started to sit down next to him but he got up instead. The monkey started jumping up and down pointing to a big cave about 200 feet away from where they stood.  Sarah understood what the monkey creature was trying to say and she started walking towards the cave entrance.  Sarah did not really want to go into the cave because it looked pitch black, but the closer to the cave they got, the lighter it looked.  When Sarah and the creature were 10 feet away from the cave the monkey creature stopped walking.  Sarah looked at his face and she could see fear in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked him.

He answered her question by turning around and pointing at a big animal, the size of an elephant, charging at them.  The creature was like an elephant but it had 6 tusks, not 2.  The creature had razor sharp teeth, spikes down its back and on its tail and claws.  It was nothing like an elephant, it was a nonexistent creature that existed.

“Help!” Sarah screamed.  She grabbed the monkey creature and ran into the cave.  She ran until she was far enough into the cave to feel safe, but she could still see the monster.  He was at the cave’s entrance.  She looked closer, the monster was not going to fit in the cave.

To Sarah’s right there was a steep slope that Sarah thought would lead under ground.

When the monster came in contact with the cave, it started to crumble.  At that moment, Sarah took off down the hill at full speed with the monkey at her heels.

When the ground started to flatten out, Sarah turned around and looked at the hill.  It was at least 100 feet long and at the top was the monster still trying to get to Sarah.  She did not feel like being lunch so she let the monkey creature lead her farther into the cave.

After half an hour of walking in the dark tunnel, Sarah and the monkey-creature came to a split in the tunnel.  There were two ways to go.  Sarah started to go right because it was lighter, but the monkey-creature took her hand and pulled her into the tunnel to the left.  They continued along the windy path.

After another hour of walking they came to an opening.  It was a big dome with a cliff on the right.  It looked like it was a waterfall a long time ago.

“Was this once a waterfall?  Were these tunnels once an underground river?”

To answer Sarah’s questions the monkey-creature nodded his head and pointed at the cliff.  In the middle of the cliff was a small cave just big enough for a person to crawl in.

“Yeah!” Sarah exclaimed, “It’s the cave!  How do I get up there, though?”  Sarah had a new challenge, she found the cave but know she had to find a way to get into the cave.

Almost as if it had heard Sarah’s question, an animal appeared over the ledge.  It was a Mars version of a Pegasus.  It was not furry, but was white and had angel white wings.  It flew down to where Sarah and the monkey-creature were standing.

The monkey-creature started jumping up and down, pointing back and forth at Sarah, then at the Pegasus.  He wanted Sarah to get on the Pegasus.  So Sarah went over to the Pegasus and touched it.  I did not bite her or anything so she climbed on its back.

When Sarah was secure on its back the Pegasus took off.  It flew up to the cave and let Sarah climb off its back and into the cave before it flew back to the ground. Sarah felt around the cave and found the stone.  Before she ate the Jelly Belly she waved to the monkey creature and wondered how she could breathe on a planet with no atmosphere.  “I wonder, how I was able to breath on a planet with no atmosphere?”  She answered her own question, “Well, the man said this place was magical!”

Sarah took her last two Jelly Bellys out of her pocket.  She only had two left, a green and a black.  She chose the green one.  Sarah placed it in her mouth.  It tasted like bark.  “I wonder where this one will take me.  I hope it takes me home.”

The rock was pulled out of her hand.  The cave disappeared and all Sarah saw were trees, trees, and more trees.  The trees were very tall and covered in moss and flowers.  She did not see any animals there to help her so she set off towards the sound of people.  Sarah did not even have to walk for 30 minutes before she found a village.  She started asking around for help.  She came to a man and he was holding a rock that had eyes.  He looked very smart so she walked up to him.

“Hi there.  My name is Sarah.  I am not sure how I got here.  Is there a water fall around here?”

“Yes, there is,” answered the rock. “My name is Pebbloid.  I live around here.  I could show you the way.”

“Thank you so much!  That would be so helpful!”

“Yes, my pleasure, but first I have to do some errands for the king.  You could help if you like.  I could answer more questions if you have any.”

“Yes, that sounds like fun,” Sarah responded.

“Great!  First I have to go deliver a letter to the Walking city of Diction,” Pebbloid said.

“Okay!  My first question is, Where am I?”

“You are in Rocklor, a province in Diddorol,”  Pebbloid answered, “Diddorol is a kingdom on the planet, Grecel (Gree-cell).  We are in the galaxy right next to the Milky Way.”

“Cool!  The Milky Way is where I live.  I live on a planet called Earth!” Sarah exclaimed, “What is the Walking City of Diction?

“The Walking City of Diction is the capital of Rocklor, just like Capital City is the capital of Diddorol.  Capital City is located in Fastidiosa.”

“That is amazing!” said Sarah.

Sarah and Pebbloid had reached the Walking City of Diction.  Pebbloid told Sarah to wait outside the capital while he delivered the letter.  When he returned he told Sarah where she could find a map of the Enchanted Forest.  On her way to go find the map she saw a lemur jumping from tree to tree.  It was a ringtail lemur like the ones that live in Madagascar.  Sarah stopped walking and the lemur jumped onto her shoulder.

“Are you here to help me find the waterfall?”

The lemur answered by jumping back on to the tree.  Sarah followed him into the forest.  She did not have to walk long before she could hear a waterfall.  When they reached the waterfall, Sarah saw that the waterfall was only about 20 feet wide.  There was a branch sticking out halfway down the waterfall.  She thought that was where the cave was.

She asked the lemur, “How can I get to that branch?”

He showed her a tree with lots of vines.  He climbed up the tree, grabbed a vine and swung out to the branch.  The lemur grabbed a hold of the branch and climbed into the cave.  Sarah knew what she had to do.  She had to do the same thing.  She grabbed the lowest branches of the tree the monkey climbed and started making her way to the top of the tree.  When she reached the top of the tree she grabbed a vine, held on a tight as she could, and pushed away from the tree.

Sarah felt like Tarzan, flying through the air.  When she neared the branch, she let go of the vine with one hand and reached for the branch.  When she felt the branch in her hand, she grabbed it and took her other hand off the vine and held on to the branch.  She used her arm strength to hoist herself up onto the branch. She crawled through the waterfall into the cave.  She found the rock, said goodbye to the Lemur, took the black Jelly Belly out of her pocket and ate it.  The rock was pulled from her hand and Sarah found herself back in her bedroom.

“Wow!  That was an interesting adventure,”  Sarah said to herself, “No more of those Jelly Bellys.”

Every time after that when Sarah went to the Jelly Belly Factory she only bought her favorite flavors.  She did not want to go on another adventure like that all over again.  Sarah did keep those Jelly Bellys and every once in a while she goes to visit her friends.  She still has not eaten the blue Jelly Belly, the one she tried to eat.  The Jelly Belly that tasted like seafood.