“My Kingdom” by Korra

There is a place not so far from here.  It’s a place where everyone can go somewhere that everything is possible. It’s a kingdom–a kingdom of hope, love, and everlasting joy. This place is called the Kingdom of Lunatopia.

        This Kingdom you can only visit in your sleep, even though you may want to visit every single second of the day. When you first come through the gates of the palace you will see a big looming tower of clouds and around those clouds are vines wrapping and twisting up the tower of clouds like a snake slowly making its way up a tree branch. And in this tower of clouds is where every single dream or happy memory you’ve ever had is stored, so you can revisit them whenever you want.

Next to the tower of clouds is where the real magic begins. Sitting atop the tower of clouds is the castle, with cascading tendrils of sleepy fog falling down its walls and brilliant blue stone bricks built up to make the outer layer of the castle.

        Inside the castle, things are busy and bustling with people. Every inch of the place smells of lavender and makes your whole mind go numb and happy. The throne room sits upon a flights of stairs that run up the inner walls of the magnificent structure and come together to form a balcony. In the throne room, it as if heaven has kissed the walls and furniture, for everything has a light silvery glow and  stars are sprinkled across the ceiling making an eerie but breathtaking sight.

And there she is: the Queen of the Kingdom, Katara. Her deep black hair resembles the darkness of the night, but her eyes sparkle with a silver light, making them as mysterious and beautiful as the moon. She is the one who decides what your new dreams will be like. A swish of her hand could make you float away to a pirate ship , or land the new job of becoming the president.

There is so much in this kindgom that is left untold and left unexplored. And even though you go there every night, you will always find something new and more interesting. The Kingdom of Lunatopia is where your dreams begin and where they end. This is where you can go to have your hopes fulfilled and your deepest fears taken away. This is where your dreams come true.

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