“My Friend with an Orange Head” by Alorah


I have a friend with an orange head

I see him once a year

He sits atop my kitchen table

‘Til I am ready to switch my gears


I start off at the top

And cut my way around

His little orange head

That isn’t very round


With a spoon I scoop out seeds

From his little head

And with the seeds I find some mush

That makes him seem almost dead


Now I’m at the eyes

I cut them with my knife

These littl triangular holes

Make him come to life


His mouth is in a smile

At the bottom of his face

With two little teeth

That point up into space


My little orange friend

Is almost complete

All he needs now

Is a body and some feet.


Sadly for my friend

I never find a body

Instead he sits on my front porch

Welcoming everybody