Histories of Year One


Diddorol: an action-packed clump of land we call a kingdom! Diddorol was fairly dormant over the summer of 2011, and not much went on. However, as fall arrived, Diddorol swirled into life, and adventuring became a popular hobby! A lot of things were done in fall, and this series of events has for some reason been dubbed “Trimester One.” Over the first weeks of Trimester One, mystery arose. Provinces were ravaged by a nasty, extra crabby, agitated… thing. The representatives of each province, except the Mysterious Stranger of Toungorus, discussed the danger. Fin tapping nervously, Flo broke the silence in the Luminan tower. “What… what are we to do?” “Yes, this is quite the stupendously unusual predicament.” Pebbloid broke in. “Hey, I’ve got an idea!” Britestorm interjected. Everyone turned to her. “Oh… I just like to say that.” “Well,” Phylos announced, “we should at least come together, maybe give the people a voice.” “You may be on to something!” Vidya Lochick piped up, unusual for her. “We could organize a rally; get our faithful adventurers to lend a hand!” So, Diddorol’s adventurers were informed and trained to eventually combat what turned out to be a giant porcupine. The kingdom settled, maybe a bit too much. With the nasty, extra crabby, agitated porcupine’s defeat, adventurers began to kick back. The province representatives, however, feared a similar attack would be made on their people. They met in the same tower as before. “Our adventurers are becoming lazy,” Flo cried, “why, no one’s been so at ease!” “Indeed,” Pebbloid concurred, “I do believe it’s time for a touch of the stage.” “And what would that imply?” Phylos asked. Britestorm suddenly perked up. “I think,” She proclaimed, “he wants us to scare these couch potatoes into shape! We can put on a big show for them, something even bigger than that old porcupine! What a marvelous thought!” With the help of a few good actors, the faithful representatives did just what they intended. With paper masks and plastic wigs, soon rumors emerged of the scariest sights Diddorol could “encounter.” Justin Biebers, Lady Gagas, zombies, evil princesses, super villains, all coming out of nowhere to threaten to ravage the kingdom. Little did the adventurers know, it was only a defense test. Nonetheless, they sprang into action to host their answer to the call of duty: the Scareaway! Mortifying stories “frightened” all these “monsters” off, leaving bits of paper masks in their wake. The test was successful, and only later did Diddorol’s adventurers discover the hoax. While all these fiascoes went on, there were a few other notable conflicts happening over Trimester One. Specifically, two love interests went on. Pongo was a dolphin, who actually turned out to be a whale, and who swept Flo head over heels. However, she had a fiancé, one that would arrive back soon. Pongo, seeing himself as just a whale that arbitrarily came into Dolphinia, left Flo. He understood that Flo’s fiancé, Varry, loved her, and they couldn’t be together. Varry came back and admitted to loving another, but she had left him, too. They found they were meant to be together, and were married. Meanwhile, Britestorm and Pebbloid grew closer. However, they couldn’t find a way for their personalities to fit. Britestorm loved ideas, and Pebbloid couldn’t imagine life without beautiful words. They asked Diddorol’s adventurers to make Sniglets, words of their own creation. However, just not enough were made, leaving Britestorm so devastated, she left the kingdom entirely. As of late, chickens have begun to multiply rapidly within Lumina, despite her leaving. While these affairs formed, something else erupted: Festival! A celebration of the end of the Trimester, wrought with prizes, XP bonuses, and fun! Contests were held over a full kingdom week, giving way to 4 full days of party! Big rewards were given to virtually every adventurer. Coming to a close once Festival ended, Trimester One went out with a bang. On the final day, every adventurer passed in their Librams for a final level-up. A satisfying end, but it was only the beginning of the next step:  Trimester… TWO!

-Fonzi of Dumpster

IIComing to Diddorol

I take one more swing at the creature.  Yet again the NECAP dodges my powerful strike.  I thrown my beat-up sword at the beast.  As I realize I may be doomed, I sprint in the other direction.  With no hesitation or thoughts, I just keep running farther and farther into the woods. As I start gasping for air, looking both to my left and right, I realize that I have no idea where I am.  “What…. What was that thing…?”  I finally begin to– “Hey!  Excuse me.” I jump two feet in the air and take a quick look behind me to see a stranger. “Who…who are you, and why are you spying on me?” I ask in a very questioning voice. “Well…. I’m not spying on you.  Well, my name is Gumby, anyway,” he says, shocked. “I’m PeeWee Bowinkle.  So, where am I, exactly?” “PeeWee, you are in the outskirts of our Kingdom,” Gumby replies in a jolly voise. I look at him in disbelief, and I wonder how there could be a kingdom in the middle of the woods.  “Umm… What king–” Gumby interrupts and says, “Follow me, PeeWee.”

Several weeks later

I wake up from my slumber after dreaming about finding the Kingdom.  In the past weeks I have had some pretty tough training.  I have been training for the encounter with the Nasty, Extra-Crabby, Agitated Porcupine.  Other than that, I have become pretty good friends with Gumby.  It seems li– “Attention, all citizens of Diddorol!  The NECAP has entered the south woods of Diddorol.  DIDDOROL!  PREPARE FOR BATTLE!” All of my training that I have done is about to pay off.  I quickly throw on my outfit, grab my trusty lasso, and I head out.

Several minutes later

This is my chance.  I have it cornered.  It has nowhere to go.  I whip my lasso at the NECAP, then it moves its head in the wrong direction. The lasso sticks to its neck and I pull tight on my end of the rope…. There it is! I captured it! Other citizens come over to hold it down….  I did it!  I have finally conquered the NECAP!

Yet again, another several weeks later

“Citizens of Diddorol!  Get ready to defeat your current Scareaway targets!” I slowly get out of my bed and glance at my clock to see that it is only 3am.  So I put my clothes on, and I grab my CD of Justin Bieber. It’s REALLY not what you’re thinking.  This is my weapon I will use to take down Lady Gaga. I head to my post to see the Gaga waiting to sing, but right before she has a chance, I blast my Bieber song.  The Gaga screams and yelps, then turns to dust.  Poof! After the relatively quick fight and celebration, I look at my calendar to see that Festival is a few days away.  It’s about time that something good happens in the Kingdom….

The night of Festival

I walk….  Well, kind of walk.  I can’t really walk after the party, or Festival.  I can’t even think.  The party was exciting!  It felt like Christmas.  It was the first good thing that happened in Diddorol. But I think I can get accustomed to this Kingdom, with its friendly people, the wacky attacks by monsters, and festivals like this one.  I’m happy now that the now-tamed NECAP chased me here so I can start my new life in the Kingdom of Diddorol.

-PeeWee Bowinkle of Bip

The Endgame Report

In Lumina, Britestorm & Brainstorm have married and now have a amazingly creative little child, Britebrain.  The chickens, both those wild and those tamed, are contented and are causing no trouble. Broccoli has many detractors, but most people admit that he is well-behaved.  In fact, you can hear people all over the Kingdom nowadays telling each other that Broccoli is good for them. In Dolphinia: Flo and Varry are using their newly-developed balancing skills to use more parallel constructs in sentences. Ela has declared that she intends to be the Princess of Serous Poetry when she grows up.  The pelican, whose name is Tans, has proven to be a tremendous help and a natural leader; she recently ran for Province Senator and won.  People now refer to her has Sen. Tans. Over in Rocklor, Pebbloid learned that skunks are good diggers—for example, one dug up the word “mephitic” recently–and he’s befriended the new immigrants there and has completely rethought his opinions.  Meanwhile, he’s started dating a baker, so now he will be rocking and rolling. Recently, some unicorns and giant wasps were spotted in Rocklor’s Enchanted Forest.  We have no idea what that is about; Mayor Spelunker is navigating the Walking City of Diction toward that area, but I’m afraid we will not find out what’s going on there in the time we have left. In Fastidiosa, Bob retired, as his injuries made it hard for him to get work done, but is living happily next door to Phylos, and they together opened a successful publishing house. Meanwhile, Rhett O’Ric has begun taking acting lessons! He was going to dance in a film, but the fancy staircase, enormous and curved, on the soundstage was just too intimidating…apparently he’s a Fred ah stairs. The immigrant couple, it turns out, are splendid performers, and are now living on the shore of Lake Presentation, helping others to make their creative points effectively in front  of other people. In Vulcania: Vidja has begun working as an organizer for all sorts of political causes. Hedgehog & Bat  discovered that they both loved the works of Lewis Carroll, and are now engaged. [Can you explain that allusion?] Augie has done so much great work organizing over the years that his reputation has spread to other lands.  In fact, in Antarctica, people have named one of the Shetland Islands—one that has evidence of a volcano having been active at some point in the past—“Penguin Island” in his honor. Scientists of Vulcania were successful in transforming Walter to a more useful and interesting chicken, but with certain unexpected results…. The RC of Here & Now—whose name, it turns out, is Frankie—has retired early and now lives near Port of Babel in Toungorus.  His final words before leaving were, “Too much work, Dood.  I wanna surf!”  Walter, now known as Waltera, has accepted the offer to be the new RC of H&N. Scientists’ success with Walter/Waltera led them to experiment on the Statue in Toungorus, and they brought her to life! Named “Lady Li-BIRD-ty”, she’s now the official spokesperson for Toungorus, whose new slogan is, “Toungorus: The great Diddorolian melting pot.”  Residents there have begun a campaign to beautify the province, and lupines are beginning to grow alongside all the roads and highways.  The bee is happily pollinating them, and the snake is eating the pesky insects. The RC of Double Spacing and Joy (the RC of Peace and Love) were married in a quiet ceremony in the Enchanted Forest of Rocklor.  The RC of DS shares a joyful, peaceful love with Joy, and Joy gives the RC of DS plenty of space. Back at the Palace: King Law, feeling embarrassed, and now lacking in self-confidence, has given up his throne. He has decided to become a teacher to help increase literacy and make up, in some small way, for his poor choices. As the King has no children, and thus no heir, he had to choose a successor.  His last official act as ruler of Diddorol was to turn his crown over to the black Toungoran crow.  (Of course, the crown is too large, so a new one will be made.)  The crow, it turns out, had been the head of the Kingdom’s Dept. of Security, who got us through all this.  Her name had been top secret, but now we’ve learned that she is to be called Queen Justine. The King is gone.  Long live the Queen! This story had been predicted by the RC of Destiny; this story is now to be held by the RC of History. Thank you all for helping in the Kingdom of Diddorol.  May you continue to fight Illiteracy and Aliteracy for the rest of your lives, and may the lessons your friends here have taught you assist you in that ongoing battle.

– The Game Master


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