History of Year Two

by Korra

Diddorol has gone by in a whirlwind of excitement, fun, and friendly competition, with endless games and problems to solve in between.  Even though we had some bumps in the road, we can all agree it is one of the most exciting kingdoms to go to.

We started everything off with the Olympics, which gave every avatar  a reason to write their best so their team could do well in the many competitions we had. Of course, not every guild and realm can be the first place winners, but coming in second always seemed to make everyone work harder and harder.

While the games were going on, everyone was being introduced to the characters in the Kingdom, like Flo , Pru, Party Sipple, Lady Liberty , and many more. In other words, the Olympics was about gathering people together and having friendly competition and having them meet new people and characters.

As the Olympics slowly came to an end, commotion in the Kingdom caused things to come to a bumpy halt. Pru had gone crazy, or so it seemed.  She started setting up road blocks that the avatars had to figure out in order to know how to “move” them. But soon, the road blocks stopped appearing and the building of our amusement parks resumed. That friendly competition spirit was still there and everyone did their best to make their amusement parks. In the end everyone had come up with phenomenal rides and layouts of their theme parks.

Then the Triathlon started.  Everyone was dropped into a wet situation, for the first part of the three-part race was swimming. We busied ourselves with watching the Heimlich Brothers, the Underwater Car, and many more movies and short films on water topics.  And we also found out that Pru was never crazy, she was framed, and that it was Party Sipple who was the one to blame for all the things that happened like the kidnapping of Flo, and the making of the Pru clones.

The Triathlon soon went into the running phase, and we had a track meet almost every day, which was cause for more not-so-friendly competition but it was fun and hilarious.

Once the running came to an end, we went into the biking phase of the games, and it was also a lot of fun with the same vibe as the Olympics.  Everyone had the chance to share their work on many, varying topics.

Now it’s the last week of Diddorol, and as I look back on the year, I realize that it was filled with fun, adventure , and just the excitement of doing something different.  I look forward to next year, curious to find out what we will be doing!