“Behind What Happened with Pru” – Kingdom News by Narman

When Prudence Freeden went insane, it was Queen Arithmateeka that originally came to Pru’s aid. She comforted her and helped her with her schemes. Queen Arithmateeka even helped Pru obtain the cloning machine and make all of the copies of herself. She also knows what all of  Pru’s clones will be doing and when and where. She also knows how many clones were actually made.  If we were to apprehend the Queen, it could be very beneficial.

The reason Pru was found in Queen Arithmeteeka’s Queendom  was because Pru and Queen Arithmeteeka were planning what they were going to do next. Now if Queen Arithmeteeka and Pru were planning things and if the Queen was also watching the bumblebee then that means that the Queen has also made some clones. The number of clones made for the Queen is unknown but because there haven’t been sightings of her around, it is estimated that not too many clones were made. The clones could be doing anything so they are being searched for as we speak. They could be helping the Pru clones so be extremely cautious.

Now if you recall all the way back to the election where Pru lost to Phylos Jr. Well, that played an important role in why Pru is like the way she is. The Pru clones could have been made a while before she went crazy. That is how all of the roadblocks got put up all around the Kingdom. As Pru went crazy the clones followed her actions.

Queen Arithmeteeka could have been one of Pru’s biggest supporters and when she lost, the Queen would have been devastated and wanted to help Pru create havoc on the rest of the Kingdom.

Now that Pru has been captured, Queen Arithmeteeka could be working with her clones and Pru’s clones on a big attack on all of the guilds. So if you see any suspicious activity, please report it immediately.


“What’s Better than a Nightmare” by KEH

I heard soft voices coming to my ears, as if I had just woken up from a quiet nap. I got up and rubbed my eyes. This wasn’t my body, but that didn’t stop me from walking towards a small door from this couch I was laying on. The voices were becoming harder and louder. Sounded like cheering. They were cheering a name…my name. Was it my name? It didn’t sound familiar, I said in my head.

I went through the door and saw a bright light. A stage. Fans! I had fans?

What’s happening? I thought. I didn’t care; I walked up to the microphone and saw so many of the fans running around the arena. Woah. This was really happening.

A hard beat started up, the sound of the music sounded so familiar, so I started to rap this song. It made me feel like the start of the show. Everyone cheered me on and kept saying a name…my name. I was so into this!

Then, I hear a shot. I feel a sharp pain in my lower chest. I put my hand on my chest.

Silence. People watching me in horror, putting their hands over their mouths in shock.

I look at my fingers and see little drops of sharp red blood that had run down my index and middle fingers. I see the blood and start to cry, but I cry from the sadness, not the physical pain in my body.

I fall.

I feel like I’ve been asleep for years. I wake up in a beautiful field with flowers blowing in my face from the strong Spring winds. I then realize, these moments and actions are all but within a very complex dream. I get up from the grass. I start running through the tall wide-spread grass with tears rushing down my face. Maybe the pain from the shot that hit me was the cause of these tears….

I thought about it for a long time standing, and waiting. Waiting for something to happen and for me to notice things that make sense, but nothing made sense. Nothing!

I start walking and suddenly trip over a root in the ground and fall into a puddle. Though this seems to be just a puddle, it is not. I am opening my eyes as I see that I am drowning in the big blue; the Ocean.

How did I get here?  This must have been the longest dream I’ve ever had and the most things I’ve experienced in a few long moments. There were lots of fish in the Ocean.  What a surprise. They just stared at me. The most beautiful marine creatures I’ve ever seen. It looked as if they had scales that shimmered in the light glowing from the sun into the water.

I thought this was the end, that I would drown in the water and be done with all of this. I was scared, but at the same time excited and full of energy. I felt like I could do anything.

So I started to swim. The fish were trying to peck me and bite me. I let them.  It didn’t hurt me or anything, so I let them do what they wanted to do. They weren’t hurting me bad, just pinching me lightly. I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. I also thought I was dead.

I was wrong. Wrong about everything. I woke up on my floor, face down with water on my feet. I saw that a glass of water from my side-table was dropped and poured all over my floor, but only touching my feet. I had no memory of anything. I wanted to get up and run away from the floor, but I had no strength.

I was just laying there, drifting back into another dark, complex nightmare.

“If I Ran…” by Binki

What if you could just run away from all your problems in life? You could go to a place that was meant for you. You would never want to leave that place and face the everyday realities of life. If I ran from the disturbances, the constant nagging, the little things, and most importantly the stress in life then I could be who I want to be. I could do anything I wanted to do and make the most of myself. But these issues are part of being a teen; they build you up, but you may be torn down on the way.

The stress of school…the worrying about getting a good grade or making new friends–they’re all things that we want to avoid. Personally, I worry so much about getting good grades. But if only I could run to that place like no other where I didn’t have to worry, where everything came easy to me and there was absolutely no stress! I’m sure some people have been here, always getting told what to do and when to do it, but when you don’t do it you get in even more trouble. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to not have that?

Being a teenager is hard enough, but when other people get involved it turns into a whole different story. Even just the slightest bit of drama can turn into an explosion of girls going at each other. The pressure to be a certain person to fit into the group you want is extremely difficult and annoying. You may not be truly happy with yourself or others, or even in general. You may feel judged or feel like just the tiny one in the background.  Finding yourself is hard enough, but when it comes to school and life, you just want to leave. You would run to your happy place where no one could bother you, where it’d be just you and your thoughts.

If I ran to the ice where the Bruins play nothing could stop me. I would be like nobody else, alone though I may not be. I would skate around that rink (with Tyler Seguin) like I have never skated before. I would play hockey like it was the last time, and I would be in that place where nothing mattered. I would be unstoppable and forget about all the pain that life has caused me. Finding that place where you want to run may be hard.  It could be a bumpy road there, but when you get there, it would be like nothing else…simply perfect.


If I ran to that place, I would be able to be me.

“Rangers” by Cork

I ran through the woods in a hurry, not noticing the mud that was swallowing up my shoes, hoping that these beasts weren’t behind me. Sweat ran down my neck and my legs felt heavier and heavier every step. The only weapon I had was my bow with 3 quivers full of arrows. I knew at that point I would have to lose at least 10 of these beasts to survive due to my lack of ammunition.

There’s a long story behind how I got there, but here’s the short version. I run the Rangers Corps in Red Mont Fief and after winning our previous war, we made some enemies. These enemies had heard of a being that used dark magic constructed of dark elixir to hide in the shadows of day and to mimic game calls at night. These “beings” were actually highly trained Rangers, no magic involved. Their king wanted us eliminated and our heads mounted for sick satisfaction. Therefore he sent out 15 beats call Kalkara after me and any other mysterious being in the forest. They usually are sent out in parties to assassinate top leaders and generals of fiefs, consisting of about 5 to 7 of these beasts. I knew when I saw 15 that this was no normal hunt, they wanted me dead. This act most likely would have served as a purpose to get rid of the top defense in the fief, so it would be easier to conquer, I would not let that happen though. These animals are heartless and mostly brainless, accept for their memory and the astonishing ability to follow orders no matter what, whether they end up dead or alive, they will hunt and fight to the death. That’s where the story starts.

Continuing to run as fast as my legs could handle, I tried to elude the monsters, but only lost three due to a deer that they confused with me. I sadly had only made one trap over 15 years of being a Ranger and it was still in preparation. We Rangers never really adopted traps because they took too long and usually ineffective to an army. I called the one trap I had “the pit” because it was exactly that. Consisting of a giant pit camouflaged a greenish brown color with a rope in the middle to lure any prey to it, then to safely grab and swing over to the other side. I decided that it was my last option to survive and with my last rush of energy made my ways towards it.

Nearing the pit I wondered if the old rope was strong enough, but that thought disappeared as I remembered that I wouldn’t get to the pit if I didn’t keep running with full concentration, dodging all obstacles. I quickly gained yardage, enclosing on the trap covered up by a thin net and vegetation that was plentiful in supplies and local found. In the final yards until the trap I prayed to God, yelling these few simple words, “God give me strength!” and with that I leaped across the pit, grabbing hold of the rope. Just as I did that I could feel teeth and claws grab on to the bottom of my cloak, but the beast had no leverage and one by one they tried to get me and plummeted to their deaths.

The Kalkara parties had been killed and I finally got to take a sigh of relief as I swung over to the seemingly foreign ground that had been turned up by claws. I looked to the sky, smiling, and like that, the kingdom was safe and in God’s hands once more.

“Depression” by Moto-R

Depression…it’s the worst feeling in the world. You don’t want to do anything; all you want to do is be alone. You don’t want to talk. You never want to see anyone. You never want to go to school. All you want to do is run away.

You can’t handle anything. You want to cry and run off a cliff. You have to force yourself to eat, and most of the time you’re running on empty.

Sometimes it’s noticeable, but sometimes it’s not. You get asked all the time, “What’s the matter?”

You always say, “Nothing. I’m fine.”

You can never really let yourself let out all the things that are bothering you. You don’t even want to tell your closest friend. You keep it all bunched up inside yourself. 

Then you find that one person who makes you give up and let it all out. But then, you never really know if they will stay and help you. You can never tell the person you want to tell the real things you want to say. You always worry: Will they hate me?

At night, you stare at walls in the dark. And sit there for hours on end. Everything you’ve done and regretted comes back to you. You never sleep.

You never really know what you are going to do to yourself. The hardest thing in life is to force yourself to not do bad things.  You can never really stop yourself; you’re in the mood to do the worst things you can.

All you want to do is leave.

“Summer Sunshine and Wakeboarding” by Donovan

The overpowering smell of exhaust was forced into my nose as I sat behind a roaring monstrous boat in water that felt more like bath water than a lake. My feet were strapped into big tight boots attached to a smooth sleek fiberglass wakeboard.

The tendons and muscles in my wrists were pulled to their limits as I saw water rush into my face.

All of a sudden, I noticed that I was actually up and carving into the water as if I were on ice skates. Then I went to stand up and stayed up for at least five seconds.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but I was so proud of myself.

It lasted until I got too comfortable and leaned back, resulting in my being forced back into the cement-like water. As I fell, I skimmed on top of the water on my back, almost as if I were the boat that was pulling me. When I was sliding across the water, it felt as if my hands, arms, and legs were being sanded by an overpowered sander. I was quickly slowing down, coming to a screeching stop like a car on the road. Then I was pulled under the water as if a whirlpool were sucking me in. Once I was underwater, for a brief second, I felt like what a fish lived by. As I bobbed back up, I could see the red and white blur of the boat as it sped towards me.

Overall, that was the biggest adrenaline rush that has ever gone through my body.

“The Maze of the Monster” by Chuck

Chuck lay there motionless on the ground. He heard a large moan close by and a faint buzzing sound. He stirred, but only a little bit. Then, with a sudden jolt of energy, and his head pounding, he sat straight up screaming.

He slowly came to his senses. His head felt like someone had hit it with a two by four. He could barely remember anything. He slowly tried to remember. He remembered his name was Chuck of Derik. He was born May 17, 1997. He lives in Notgnirrab, Erihspmah Wen. He tried to stand but his head hurt too much. He sits in the same spot for a while.

Then he heard another groan. This time it was louder. He was very scared now. He tried to crawl into a corner, but he couldn’t find it. There were dimly lit lanterns in the hall but he can’t see very well. He looked up, realizing that there was no ceiling and he could see the stars.

Chuck saw a bench nearby. He tilted it on its end and climbed up the bench. The wall was so high that even stretching up he could barely reach the top. Using all of his strength, he pulled himself. When he finally got up to the top, all that he saw was thousands of corridors and sealed doorways.

Still hanging on the wall, he heard another groan. Looking in the direction of the sounds, he couldn’t believe his eyes: Before him was the Nasty Extra Crabby Agitated Porcupine (NECAP).

He quickly thought back to earlier in the day. He remembered hearing Friendly Little Intense Porcupine (FLIP) tell him that NECAP likes to box. The NECAP was three corridors away, staring at him and growling. He also still heard that annoying but very faint buzz. “What is that sound? It is driving me nuts,” thought Chuck.

He noticed a platform and pulled himself up. He looked around, looking for anything that may help him defeat the NECAP. He jumped off the platform into a new corridor.

When he landed, he landed on something soft that made him roll and fall. He looked at what he landed on. He thought they looked like boxing gloves. They were gold in color. Chuck thought, “These must be the gloves of a champion.”

He tried to get his left hand into the glove, but something was blocking his ring finger. He took his hand out and shook the glove. Out fell a finger bone. Looking around the corridor, he then noticed all of the skeletons laying there. He thought to himself, “So many people have tried to defeat the NECAP, but all have failed. I need to come up with a plan to defeat the NECAP.”

Chuck started running down the corridor. He heard a funny sound coming from his right boot. He sat, took off his boot, and pulled out a piece of paper.

Straining to read the paper, he made out a story about a hockey team and how they didn’t have much time to get prepared. The normal starters weren’t ready so the bench players got to play. He thought back to earlier in the day and remembered that this was his NECAP practice test. He read his answer to the question and saw that the teacher gave him a 1, in red ink.

He heard the NECAP getting closer and closer. He could feel the pounding of his headache. He still heard that stupid buzzing sound. The NECAP came around the corner, its red eyes glaring at Chuck. His quills stood straight up, ready for a strike.

The NECAP started charging at Chuck. Chuck, even though he was panicking, remembered something else FLIP told him. The NECAP loves 1’s and drops down laughing to the ground almost crying. Chuck looked at his 1 on the paper. He didn’t think this was enough to stop the NECAP.

Really panicking now, he turned the other way and started to run. He tripped over a skeleton. The finger bone that had fallen out of the boxing gloves stabbed him right in the palm. Chuck looked at the paper and realized, “I can defeat the NECAP now.” He took the finger bone and dipped it into his blood. On his NECAP practice exam he changed his 1 to a 4, now written in blood.

Bravely turning around to face the NECAP, Chuck put on the boxing gloves. He held up his newly changed grade and yelled to the NECAP, “Choke on this 4, NECAP.” The NECAP fell to the ground crying, just like you would from an upper cut to the chin and a jab to the stomach. The NECAP stopped moving. He was paralyzed.

Chuck ran away down to the end of the corridor. He found 3 sets of doors. There was a sign above the doors. The sign read, “If you answer this question right, you will leave this horrid place. If you get it wrong, prepare to face more NECAPs.” The question was, “Which one of the signs above the doorway is a word that will help you defeat the NECAP?” Above the left door was the sign, “Contract.” Above the middle door was a sign reading, “Explain.” Above the right door was a sign: “Compromise.” There was yet another sign that reads, “Choose wisely. The other NECAPs are even tougher than the first. They get tougher and tougher the more you get wrong.” Chuck thought back to earlier in the day when FLIP talked about the powerful words that would help you on the test. Let’s see, first there was trace, then analyze, infer, evaluate, formulate, describe, support, explain, summarize… “Hey! Wait a minute–the answer is explain,” shouted Chuck. He walked though the middle door and blacked out.

Chuck woke up all disoriented. He lifted his head out of the puddle of drool that was soaking his paper. The alarm on his watch is buzzing. The next words he heard were, “Ok, students you may begin Session 2 of the reading NECAP test.”